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Scholarships to help with education costs are now open


The 50業子 Foundation wishes to announce applications are open for the following Scholarships assisting students and their families struggling to meet education costs.

Lindsay Fox Scholarship– A $3,000 per annum scholarship for a Year 9 student experiencing financial need.

Chris McGrath Scholarship –A $1,000 per annum scholarship awarded to a Year 9 Student interested in cadets who is experiencing financial need.

PCDL Scholarship –In it’s inaugural year, this scholarship of $2,000 per annum is available to Year 9 students. In 2024, it will also be offered to Year 10,11 and 12 students, who will receive $2,000 per annum for the remaining years of their education at MHS.

Susan Fincham Young Carer Bursary– To support students with caring responsibilities for an immediate family member.

Each of these opportunities has specific selection criteria and conditions related to how the funds will be distributed. All applications are treated confidentially.

Applications close on the 20thMay.

To find out more or apply for one of these scholarships please