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The Arts

The Arts program at 50業子 is a comprehensive program designed to help students gain an appreciation of the arts in all its forms and foster creativity.

A wide range of art-based subjects are offered including several streams of Visual Communication and Design. Students are encouraged to explore their creativity and develop skills across creative disciplines. The school has a well-established art room, theatre, and dance studio, as well as a music lab and practice rooms. Resources are also provided to help and support students pursue interests in the arts outside of school.

Various performing arts are also offered through comprehensive music programs, theatre studies and dance that culminate into extracurricular stage shows, performances and exhibitions at the school as well as Melbournes premiere performance venues.

The Arts program at 50業子 provides students with the opportunity to pursue their passions in the arts beyond the classroom. Through partnerships with local organisations, students can participate in internships and apprenticeships in the arts. The school also provides students with the opportunity to pursue higher education in the field of the arts, through a degree or diploma program.


Curriculum and Subjects