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Mission & Values

The educational philosophy of 50業子 is based on the concept of ‘More Than Just Marks’. That a well-rounded liberal education will prepare students for all aspects of their future life.

The school motto; Honour the Work expresses a determination from students to apply themselves in the pursuit of demanding and socially responsible goals during their time at school and future careers.

“Our students are required to combine their academic studies with an equal emphasis upon co-curricular pursuits. Students are expected to develop a strong sense of personal integrity and a commitment to active citizenship.

The School will nurture in our students the capabilities required to lead successful and socially responsible lives in the twenty-first century. These capabilities are based upon the National Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians. Fostering these capabilities is the collective responsibility of the student, their family, the school and the community.”

– Dr. Tony Mordini, Principal


Constantly challenging ourselves to achieve our full potential, beyond perceived capabilities.


Always acting with only the strongest moral and ethical principles, and being audacious in our contributions to the communities we serve.


Everyone is valued and everyone is treated equally. Every individual is unique in their own way.


Our Story


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