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Old Boys Association

Alumni of 50業子 are affectionately known as Old Boys and the 50業子 Old Boys Association (50業子) has existed since 1907, carrying the ethos, values and traditions of MHS while maintaining connection with students to the school and each other, long after graduating.

The 50業子 is very active with various events and activities throughout the year including reunions, fundraisers and social events. MHS has a proud and esteemed history of Old Boys and the Association continues to play a pivotal part of the school community with many of the school facilities having been able to be built through Association financing efforts. For current students, the Association also provides unique generational mentoring, professional networking opportunities and scholarships.

The sustained loyalty of 50業子 has exerted an influence unprecedented in the State schooling system with no other school in Victoria stimulating such a degree of interest and support among former pupils and teachers. MHS is proud to uphold its strong connection to its students and is the manifestation of the More than Marks philosophy.

To learn more about the 50業子, upcoming events or to become a member, please visit the website here.


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