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School Council

School councils play an important role in Victorian government schools, sharing governance responsibilities with the principal and the Department of Education and Training. They develop, review and update school policies, approve budget and monitor the school鈥檚 financial health to enhance student educational opportunities.

The decisions made and activities engaged in by School Council have a real impact on our school community鈥檚 confidence in the way we are managed. To better understand the role and responsibilities the Department of Education and Training has developed a range of policies, guidelines and resources for current and prospective school councillors. (

50度灰 Council Members 2024

Parent Members

Dilum De Silva (President)

Grant Kelly听 (Vice President)

Charley Wang (Treasurer)

Karen Kiang

Viet Le

Koji Yoshimura

Chris Yong

Jason Yap

Department of Education Employees

Pelissa Tsilimidos

Paul Drew

Anna Pilkington

Sonya Mulholland

Student 听Members

Jet Cheung

Taihan Rahman

Community Members

Tom Wodak

Peter Stathopoulos